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return for a touchdown. baltimore sets a club record for points crushing oakland 55- 20. >> that was a beatdown. also, the atlanta falcons lost to the new orleans saints 31-27. >> what a weekend. we have plenty ahead for week. weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. good morning. straight up 5:00 on this monday, veterans day. taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome right there and another nice, warm day ahead. we'll see what is in store after that. good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> here is tucker. >> happy monday. >> the weekend was beautiful. temperature-wise, we got to 70 yesterday. we'll enjoy the mild temperatures but the clouds will move in and rain tonight. it really won't rain until later tonight. >> are we talking real hard
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rain or just sprinkles. >> good steady rain overnight. maybe 1/4 inh of rain. the good news is it will be out of here early tomorrow and get some afternoon sunshine. >> sunshine but it will be colder, won't it. >> yes. clear skies out there at the moment but you can see clouds just out to the west. it will be a mostly cloudy monday us for as clouds out into west virginia will be moving in shortly. and then you can see the rain a little further out to the west out into western ohio at the moment and starting to push into michigan. those rain showers will hold off until later tonight. i think later this afternoon, it might feel like it will rain but the rain won't arrive until 10:00, 11:00 and into the overnight hours. temperature right now at reagan national, 50 degrees. 49 at dulles. 43 at bwi marshall. we certainly have seen colder temperatures and these will be our high temperatures by wednesday. so enjoy one more mild day as we've got some changes on the way. 68 the forecast high in
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washington. 69 at quantico. how about a 70 in fredericksrg and one more mild afternoon. warm conditions expected around here for our holiday. >> all right. it will be a good time to head down to the mall if you can. >> time to check in with julie wright. it is a holiday. but julie, you still got to work w. >> i came in to enjoy your company. and somebody told me tucker was buying breakfast. >> you know. >> don't hold your breath. >> lucky month me, i brought my open oatmeal. kenilworth avenue at eastern, nice, easy start to our day. light and easy continuing across the anacostia bridges. quiet is your trip toward the wilson bridge. you will find reversible roads carrying two-with a travel. southbound along 270, a nice, easy drive for those continuing out of hyattstown. no issues reported continuing out to the lane divide.
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395 behaving nicely on both the express lanes and main line. hov rules lifted in virginia on 95, 395 as well as on 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. our big story, three days after e-cia director david petraeus resigned following his admitted affair with his buying on ferreira, more questions arrived. >> congress is demanding answers wondering why they weren't told sooner. melanie alnwick has the latest on this story. >> reporter: tuesday, while all of america was focused on the election, behind the scenes, cia director david petraeus is being advised to resign as his affair was about to become very public and now members of congress are asking questions about the timing. david petraeus and paula broadwell first met in the spring of 2006. four years later, a dissertation written by broadwell about the four-star general developed into something much more. >> i had been working on this project as my dissertation and when he went to afghanistan in
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the summer of 2010, i decided it turn it into a book. i shot him an e-mail and said i'm going to go for it. i showed up in afghanistan. >> reporter: the fbi discovered at fair between petraeus and broadwell while the agency was investigating harassing e-mails allegedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. kelley is a long-time friend of petraeus and his wife holly. no word on how kelley and broadwell are connected. >> that is crazy. read about the story in the last few days but i didn't realize people involved were right down the street here. so it is interesting. but it's sad. it's too bad. >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein is chairman. senate intelligence committee. she is calling the fbi's handling of the investigation into question. >> i mean this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been
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told. there is a way to do it. >> although petraeus has resigned, he may still be called to testify. stify. making headlines this morning, police are still on the hunt for the men wanted in a shooting of a restaurant manager. investigators say the manager of a taco bell confronted some people who were fighting in the parking lot early sunday morning and was shot during the scuffle. he got back into the restaurant and two employees called 911. the man is still listed in critical condition. one man is dead after a shooting in lewisdale, maryland. police were called to charleston place and drexel street sunday morning. they found edwin loyola. he was pronounced dead a short time later at a hospital. later this morning, the
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superintendent of montgomery county public schools will deliver his first state of the school address. the event is free and open to the public at the music center at strathmore. it begins at 7:30. president barack obama honoring the nation's veterans at a solemn ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. he says no ceremony or par he had is enough to truly honor the service of our country's men and women in uniform. on the anniversary of the vietnam war, there was a special ceremony at the vietnam war memorial. it is also marking the anniversary of the memorial. over at the most eastent addition to the national mall, a ceremony honoring the aging world war ii vets. there are a couple of more events around our region today.
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officially, veterans day was yesterday but it is being observed today so no post office and government workers have the day off. a slippery situation at one airport. a plane flies right off the runway. a tragedy at a home for seniors. a menu of wild mushrooms that proved to be deadly. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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a man accused of being the east coast rapist reportedly admits to raping several women. aaron thomas spoke to a reporter for the "washington post" from a cell where he is awaiting trial. he told the reporter he attacked several women in several states beginning two decades ago but doesn't know why. he said quote, i need help with this problem, its it's serious. >> in california, investigators are calling to a tragic accident that two people died and four more got sick after eating wild mushrooms this happened at the gold age villa senior care center. the residents became sick after eating wild mushrooms in soup. experts warn people should only
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eat wild mushrooms if they are educated about them. to some scary moments for some passenger as board a southwest flight in denver saturday night. the 737 plane miss ad taxiway moments after landing and slipped off the runway and into a patch of grass. there was heavy snow coming down at the time of the accident. one of the passengers said the pilot told them he hit a patch of ice while he was trying to turn. fortunately, no one was hurt. apple is working through more disputes about its patents. it has reached an agreement with htc. the agreement setless a dispute and extent current and future patents for 10 years. apple had claimed that htc phones that ran google's android software infringed on patents. did you do any dancing this weekend? up next, it could be one of the large of the dance floors on record. we'll show you. >> we are talking about tens of thousands bouncing to the beat.
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we'll tell you where this unfolded coming up next. but first, tucker barnes. ker b >> all right, we had very mild temperatures. it was in the low 70s. will it be that warm today? i'll have the answers. and julie wright will have your answers too. 
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welcome back. taking a live look over washington, d.c. right now. we'll see what the rest of the day shapes up to be. temperatures feel pretty nice now. this may be a record-breaking flash mob. some 15,000 people gathered in rome's central square to dance to the new hit song, gangnam style. it spread like wildfire as you can see every time it does. me >> have you guys learned this dance yet? do we need to have someone come in and teach us. >> i think we do. it is a fad. it is probably over now. >> right. >> in and out just like that. >> if it wasn't, it should be after that. >> thousands of people with nothing better to do. >> right. >> amazing. anyway. >> let's do some weather. yesterday, if you wanted to do
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a flash mob, it was perfect. week starts warm and then cloudy. we'll get a little sunshine early. clouds will win out for your monday. it will be a mostly cloudy afternoon as our next cold front is approaching from the west. that will bring smus showers later tonight. let's do the temperatures. right now at reagan national, it is cool but it is not cold. 50 right now in town. 53 this morning in annapolis. 52 in leonardtown. -- that will bring us some showers later tonight. here is your cloud cover. your rain shower eventually moving in but not today. your daytime hours are fine. these rain showers won't get in here until tonight. we have clear skies across the area. clouds move in quickly this morning. might be a the early sunshine and then it will be a mostly cloudy day today. we'll get breaks in the clouds too. the theme here will be lots of clouds. still mild with temperatures in the upper 60s. the rain will get in here later tonight. when the rain arrives, i think it will be after 10:00, 11:00 tonight.
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it will be with us for the morning commute tomorrow. if you want to plan ahead, you might need a few extra minutes tomorrow. here is your futurecast. you can seat cloud cover. and even 11:00 tonight, the rain just moving in from the west. -- you can see the cloud cover. notice the back edge of it, already pressing into the area. i think much of tomorrow we'll see some sunshine and much cooler air. wind will pick up out of the west and north during the day tomorrow. after enjoying highs in the mid- to upper 60s today, we'll have much cooler air on the way. becoming cloudy out there. winds out of the south at five to 10. winds will be picking up a little bit ahead of the front. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. early showers tomorrow. 52degrees and the rest of the week, temperatures will hang out in the 50s. that is a little below average with daytime highs in the mid- 50s. let's do traffic and i'm going to sneeze, julie. take it away. i feel it coming on. >> all of a sudden, there is a
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storm that is brewing. on the roads, you we'll find lighter than usual traffic volumes around town because of the federal holiday. that means the hov rules have been lifted for those traveling on 66, 95 and 395. overnight construction cleared you will find yourself at speed in each direction at the wilson bridge. reversible roads will be carrying two-with a travel. no issues reported along kenilworth avenue. -- two way travel. ay travel. lighter than usual traffic volume inform do you have to get up out of bed and make that morning stretch into the job, i understand. we're here with you. better news this morning, light traffic volume and no accidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
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local veterans gathered for a service in arlington sunday. the john lion vfw post 3150 worked with the american legion to honor those who have served in the mull triincluding a #- year-old marine killed in combat this year. lauren demarco was there. >> reporter: it is directly across from popular restaurants like spider kelly's and the clarendon ballroom. hundreds of of people walk through this unare section every day but few realize the significance of a structure here. the clarendon war memorial honors veterans native to arlington who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> today, we recognize with pride all veterans who have served honorably, both past and present. >> reporter: this veterans day, members of the military, their families and loved ones
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gathered at the memorial. in addition, a special wreath was laid in honor of lance corporal nile cody sears, the first arlingtonian to die this year. >> he wrote poetry and read physic textbooks for fun and his mother says he was a musical genius. >> a restless spirit, i have to say. i think that is what made him join the marines. but once he joined, he was very proud to be a marine and fell like this was his mission in life. >> reporter: oregons hoped that the sacrifice of lance corporal sears serves as an inspiration for generations of people to come. come. they also hope to enlighten residents about other community members from the past who gave their lives to protect our
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freedom. >> couldn't be a better place because this monument is very historic. actually, the stones were brought in from arlington cemetery when, unfortunately, they had to make more room to bury casualties from the vietnam war. >> reporter: the american legion has host the veterans day at this monument for morning 30 years. >> i think we've accomplished something that that sense of educating people a little bit more about arlington history and the veterans that have come from this county. >> reporter: lauren demarco, fox 5 news. some veterans were treated to lunch, a football game and some family fun at the d.c. armory. the district's national guard members were invited to join operation home front in gratitude for their service.
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washington redskin brian orakpo also came by to say thank you. >> effect that it takes to protect us in this great country. i appreciate it. that is why any time i have the chance to come out and talk to the veterans in our country, i take that opportunity to make sure i get out there. out ther >> operation home front helps military families in need during and after deployment. en the sign of the holidays, the u.s. capital christmas industry is making its long journey with some stops on the way. >> more proof to never judge a book by the cover. it is the cop at the present time that is important especially when that content is worth $20,000. -- it is the content that is important.
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live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol. happy monday, everyone. a man is $20,000 richer after fining loads of $100 bills inside a book he read newspapers and collected book to learn english. he got a book from a recycling facility and he found the cash. he keeps thinking of the owners or the owner's children out there that may be in need of the money. >> i said i'm going to see if i can find the person, if i cannot find it, at least did i try. because i think that is the right thing to do. how can i go to bed every
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single day. i know i got all this money in my hands. i don't need to be recognized by people. i just like to do my part and god knows what i'm doing. >> wow. >> veriment resting. he has held on to the money for the last month while searching for the owner. >> like he said, at least he will have tried. but $20,000 in a book. >> he is a good man. >> he is because a lot of people say hey, it's mine now. >> wouldn't say a word. >> this year's tree that will serve as the christmas tree at the u.s. capitol is on its way from the national forest in colorado. >> but first, the tree made a stop in denver for people to get a glimpse. >> i think it is pretty cool. >> i love the decorations. >> it's great honor. it is colorado's gift to the people of the united states. >> reporter: the u.s. capitol christmas tree made a stop in denver on sunday just one of its many stops on the way to the capitol and a great opportunity for locals to get
5:27 am
an up-close look at a big piece of colorado. >> as this tree goes right to washington, we get to show off all across the country what beautiful trees we grow in colorado. >> reporter: the governor spoke out to the crowd and was presented with a copy of a waiting spring, a piece of colorado-inspired art that is headed to the white house. >> i feel so very honored. i am fourth generation here and imi've been painting all my life pretty much. >> it is incredible, a really, really nice tree. i'm very excited and honored. >> reporter: the tree and painting aren't the only ones headed to dietz. ryan schuster was randomly selected to travel to the nation's capitol and loot light the tree at a ceremony in early december. >> the -- and light the tree at a sir moany in early december. >> i hope it gets a lot of attention.
5:28 am
>> and i'm sure it will. that tree is due to arrive here two weeks from today, november 26th. >> all right. well, still ahead, a rare occurrence at a maryland hospital. a woman gives birth to quadruplets. coming up ahead in about 20 minutes. >> four? that is a lot. >> she needs that $20,000 that that man got out of that book. >> and more actually. >> all right. but next, we'll check your top stories plus weather and traffic. stay with us. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak.
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welcome back. if you are heading outside to the national mall, temperatures hopefully will be able to hold out for you. i think we've got one more day of this weekend kind of weather to start us off. >> one more nice warm day. more clouds than yesterday but at loft our temperatures will be back into the mid- to upper 60s. then look out. cool are air on the way. not bitter cold but noticeably cooler starting tomorrow. let's start with the radar. if you head outdoors right now, you will see darkness but in about an hour, a little bit of sunshine. before long, the clouds will start to move in. and eventually the rain showers you see out to the west. rain not going to get here today. this will be a later tonight event into early tomorrow morning. it is still a good 1 thundershowers away. i think the cloud cover associated with that front we'll start to move in later this morning. much of your day will feature cloud cover. temperatures not too bad.
5:32 am
we are a little cool here in washington. 50degrees. 51 in new york. i want you to notice what is going on behind the front n chicago, it is now 34 degrees. so temperatures are 25 degrees cooler behind that front. after enjoying highs in the upper 60s today, our highs tomorrow will struggle to get to the 50s. all right. there you go. 67 at 5:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies. should be a dry monday for you and a mild monday. >> we'll take it. thank you, tucker. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> well, you know, i'm looking through traffic cameras trying to find anything going on on the roads but not a lot happening. lighter than usual traffic volumes because of the fact that the a federal holiday. here we are live on the top side of the beltway leaving
5:33 am
colesville road headed over to 270. light traffic control jump at the wilson bridge. if you do have to wake up and make the trip in, should be easy going to you out on the roads. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. new this morning, a maryland family is safe after an early morning fire breaks out at their home. anne arundel fire department says it happened in the 300 block of wild willow way in severn. more than 57 firefighters were called to the scene just before 1:00 a.m. no word on the cause. a house in montgomery county is a total loss after a late night fire. take a look at this picture. you can see the home is engulfed in flames. this happened around 10:00 last night. no one was hurt. investigators have not yet said anything about what caused this blaze. >> reporter: a restaurant manager is fighting for his life after trying to break up a fight. police say the manager of a taco bell on minute estrella way on columbia confronted a group of people fighting in the
5:34 am
fortunate parking lot early sunday morning and was shot during the scuffle. he got back into the restaurant and two employees called 911. >> he always has a smile on his face. he always greets people. he is always nice so it is just really terrible. >> the fight reportedly spilled over there from a nearby parking lot. so far, police have not made any arrests and the man is listed in critical condition. investigators hope this surveillance video will help them catch the two men who held up a 7-eleven on sent more avenue in alexandria. the crime happened two week ago on the same night as hurricane sandy. police believe the robbery may be related to some other crimes in the area. if you have any information about this case, you are being asked to please call the alexandria police department. aaron thomas spoke for a reporter for the "washington
5:35 am
post." he told the reporter he attacked self women in several states beginning two decades ago but he doesn't know why. he says he needs help. one big story this morning, member of congress asking for more details and more answers surrounding the affair david petraeus had with his biographer. he retired after admitting to the extramarital affair with paula broadwell. congress wants to know why they were not alerted to affair sooner and if national security was ever at risk. the pair first net in 2006 but their relationship began in 2010. >> we have a national security failure along in the making. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: the couple's fair was revealed after the fbi
5:36 am
investigated harassing e-mails september from broadwell to jill kelley a family friend of david petraeus. there is no word on how broadwell and kelley are connected. hearings began this week on the u.s. consulate attacks in benghazi. petraeus could still be called to testify despite his resignation. kwame brown will learn his fate tomorrow. brown is set to be sentenced for bank fraud and campaign finance violation charges. he resigned from his council seat back in june and brown is now facing one year in jail but prosecutors are urging the judge to sentence him to six days in jail and three years supervised release. a quiet neighborhood is rocked by a deadly explosion and it could mean that dozens of people will lose their homes. details next as we check national and world headlines. >> it was two weeks ago today that hurricane sandy sit hitt and still see many are waking up in the dark and cold. with have the latest from the
5:37 am
storm coming up -- it was two weeks ago today that hurricane sandy hit and still many are waking up in the dark and cold.
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an independent neighborhood devastated by a massive house explosion. two people were killed and seven others hurt late saturday night. the blast and subsequent fire sent many residents running for safety in just their pajamas. in all, 80 homes were damaged. 31 of them could be a complete loss.
5:40 am
witnesses say the blast could be felt for more than three miles away. >> the whole house shook. things falling off the walls. we heard people yelling so we went in, pull out two daughters and then the husband was trapped under a lot of debris. got him out and then the wife was trapped in a recliner. finally got her out and the flames started take that house over investigators jo investigators have ruled out that this was caused by a bomb or meth lab and the local energy company says there were no reports of a gas leak prior to the incident. incident. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is visiting some of the hardest hit areas of superstorm sandy. staten island yesterday, she assured residents of roasty efforts being made. her visit comes when many are still in the dark two weeks after the storm. tens of thousands are still without power. new york governor andrew cuomo has criticized the companies for being unprepared.
5:41 am
power dumps companies power companies say they are doing all they can. lawmaker in greece approved tough cuts in their budgeet for 2013. they need to push flu this latest round of tax hikes and spending cuts in order to get another $installment of the bailout. the people say the cuts are making unemployment even worse. the jobless rate is over 25%. a special delivery times four for a maryland mom. that story is coming up next. >> a lot of work there. plus, as we observe this veterans day, a look at how our brave men and women are returning home to no home. the help that homeless vets are getting here in the d.c. area. >> if you have the day off from work and school, guess what. it will be a very nice day so you can get outside and have some fun or work in the yard, whatever you choose to do. tucker is back next with your forecast and julie has a look at your morning commute. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. live look outside right rite there at the u.s. capitol on this mop morning, which is veterans day. >> so what's yours? >> resurrection. >> all right.
5:45 am
bond, james bond is back in a big way. skyfall raked in nearly $88 million in the u.s. this weekend. that breaks a record for any 007 opening. the action flick was followed by disney's animate comedy wreck-to ralph. pounding out the top five, flight, argo and taken 26789. a maryland family more than doubles in size after welcoming four new babies. mary voli kept r gave birth to quadruplets on november 1st. the babies were born about eight weeks premature. doctors say the birth took about an hour and went well. the two boys and two girls are healthy and they have a 3-year- old big brother waiting for them at home. who is going to be like what happened? mom left and now we have four more. oh, my gosh. look at that. big, big family. >> they'll need a new house. >> they will need a lot of things. >> again that $20,000 that was
5:46 am
found in a book randomly. >> that would come in handy there. >> a gorgeous weekend. yesterday, it got up to 71 degrees at reagan national. of course, now our warmest temperatures this month. we'll have one more mild day and then a cooldown later tonight and by tomorrow, our high temperatures will only be about 50. 70 yesterday at dulles. bwi marshall, 66 degrees. we're cool but not cold this morning. 52 this morning in leonardtown. baltimore is 43 degrees. off to the west, we've got a few -- some 30s. 39 at manassas. temperatures honestly all over the place. we'll see the temperatures back well into the 60s today. i don't think we'll touch 70 but we should be well into the 60s. another comfortable day and we want to enjoy this one because we have rain showers and cooler air on the way. might be a little sunshine to start your day. the trend will be to bring in
5:47 am
the clouds. a mostly cloudy afterndry. if you've got outdoor plans, i think we'll be dry today. the rain will get in here tonight. it will be a period of rain overnight tonight into the commute tomorrow morning. the front is moving fairly quickly. i think by late tomorrow morning, early afternoon, we'll start to see the sunshine break back out. much cool are air behind the front. our winds are going to pick up north and west. as i mentioned earlier, our high temperatures later today in the upper 60s. tomorrow, upper 40s to about 50. much cooler air on the way behind the front. 68 today. enjoy the mild conditions. becoming cloudy out there. wind out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. the winds will pick up later this afternoon and tonight as that rain gets closer. cloudy skies, showers developing late. overnight low about 50. another mild night but the cooler air on the way tomorrow. our high temperature behind the front tomorrow only 52 degrees and then you can see here for the remainder of the week, our temperatures stay on the cool side but we should have a fairly quiet weather pattern
5:48 am
here with temperatures in the 50s, overnight lows in the upper 30s to about 40. >> let's get the latest from julie wright and find out what is going on on the roads. >> not a lot. it is pretty easy going right now with no incidents to report as you continue around the capital beltway. let's start off here along the 14th street bridge with traffic running smoothly as you continue across the potomac river headed over to the southeast-southwest freeway. keep in mind, because of it being a federal holiday, our hov rules have been lifted in you are traveling on 95, 395 as well as out to the west on 66. no trouble spots to report on 66, light volume both east and west of the beltway continuing out towards fair oaks. you will find yourself at speed coming across the american legion bridge. the trip on the top side of the beltway uneventful leaving colesville road headed over towards 270679 southbound 270, taking a peek at that as well doing the double nickel and above as you travel up i-07 head out past 109. we have an alert for metro riders. today, trains will operate on i asaturday schedule.
5:49 am
so that means that stations will open at 5:00 a.m. and close at midnight. off-peak fares will be in effect all day and parking will be free at all metro operated facilities. rider will also want to add more time to the commute because there is scheduled track work on the red, orange and green lines. also, no vre or marc service today. >> homeless veterans are getting some help in d.c. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: with the slam of a door, they begin a journey. roslyn is starting over. >> there were times when i was sleeping in my car. >> thisern who as times has had no bathroom to use is an iraq war veteran. a has amaster's degree in business. >> i have a lot of skills but i
5:50 am
don't have a job. >> reporter: she lost her home. >> we believe in helping you each step of the way. >> reporter: the d.c. housing authority's veterans affairs supportive housing program is giving her a vouch are for an apartment. they've already placed 130 veterans in homes and apartments in d.c. this year. when the real estate market turned, d.c.-based sanford capital had a lot of vacant apartments. they've partnered with the hospitalling authority to help themself and the vets. >> we don't see it as a risk. we see it as an opportunity. that opportunity is to assist and provide a veteran who served our country and give them the resources and the jump start to provide housing for them. >> reporter: 33% of homeless males are veterans. >> i think that the people we serve in our country have let us down because we should come home and should not have to go through this.
5:51 am
we should come home and get out of the military and get a livable job. >> reporter: albert strong was in the army for 10 years including serving in vietnam. he never wanted to rely on family for help. >> i wanted to be a map and stand on my own two feet. >> reporter: these vets remain optimistic. >> hopefully, very soon, i will have a place of my own to lay my head. >> in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. con dependization on the court cut short friday's opener for the georgetown hoyas on an arrest craft carrier but -- aircraft carrier but how did they do on land. >> the baltimore ravens provided plenty of highlights doing something no other team has done this season. 
5:52 am
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the christmas season is kicking off early and in a star- studded fashion in california. the tenth annual hollywood christmas celebration at the grove took place in los angeles last night. the event was hosted by march wroa lopez and featured performances by colby calais, michael bolton and the backstreet boys. -- host bid mario lopez. o lope hosted by mario lopez. georgetown tried to tip off the baseball soap with a gam gains florida on board the u.s. bataan aircraft carrier friday night. >> it ended up being canceled at half time due to the condensation on the basketball court because of all the monument it is a boat on water.
5:55 am
so there you go. now, back on land, the hoyas would finally get to their season opener on sunday. smith rivera came off the bench to lead the hoyas with 19 points. they beat duke. united scored first on a goal by nick deleon but the dynamo would score three second half goals and go on to win 3- 1. the second leg of the series is saturday at rfk stadium. to football, a battle between the eagles and cowboys. michael vick was forced to leave the game with a concussion. the cowboys go to win this one 38-23. this is philly's fifth straight
5:56 am
loss. baltimore sets a club record for points crushing oakland 55-20. that is a good day. >> yes, it is. and the last of the undefeated teams has been taken down. the saints beat the falcons 31- 27 in a thriller in new orleans. orleans. coming up, the true spirit of giving. ahead at 6:00, people donating their vacation time to help victims of superstorm sandy. we'll get the details on that. >> first, time for our facebook fan of the date. tim we say hello to cherese crawford milner. she says she has been tuning in for two decades. she is a big fan of julie wright and all her traffic reports. i mean who isn't?
5:57 am
>> we all are. >> she is glad be for a part of the fox 5 morning team. >> congratulations. ulations. -- she is glad to be a part of the fox 5 morning team. ing tea
5:58 am
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